S.O.S.L. Boombox Paul Bocuse knife set Fructis suction strip Purina cat clip Roulette inflatable bed

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Licensed products designed for:

[2002-2009] M_K_P_D
Canon, Garnier Fructis, Holland Casino, Krasloterij, Nestlé, Postbank, Purina, SOSL, Ten Cate Plasticum, Unox

[1999-2001] Polyconcept USA
Coca Cola, Coleman, Crayola, Looney Tunes, M&M's, Philco, Slinky, Telepals

[1990-1999] Pollyflame International
The Beatles, Paul Bocuse, Chupa Chups, Lego, Mastermind, Monopoly, Mtv, Spirit of St. Louis, Zippo